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So… I’ve been sporting a beard for the past… 3 years ish? At the beginning I was just letting it grow and I trimmed it once in a while but didn’t really take care of it. It was itchy at times, skin was red sometimes, specially here in Aruba when you sweat so much at the beach or when you go clubbing. I WAS USING REGULAR SHAMPOO to wash it…. I was doing it all wrong! Well, then i discovered many products for the beard and one of the best brands out there is Brooklyn Grooming.

In this post I will show you parts of my ritual when it comes to take care of my beard. So, let’s get started. First you need the soap! Beard soap is not like regular soap, the recipe is a goldmine of natural, organic skin-enhancers. Hand-harvested local clay—essence of the earth itself—is infused with shea butter and a choice blend of luxurious, soothing oils. The subtle aroma is an unburdening whisper of earth, wood, flower and herb designed to gently stir the senses from slumber, resuscitating body, mind and spirit. What a way to start the day!

the soap 2The soap

Don’t be fooled by the pics, my beard was long, very long! I just comb it and use products to keep  it looking nice.bushi

The soap generates a light, foamy lather of remarkable density to blanket your beard in nourishing protection.

full of soap

Wash it, dry it and then…


Trim it as much as you like… I’m not going crazy short because I feel I will lose my powers, like Samson.shaving

Then the balm… some people like oils, I prefer the balm when I trim. Oil I wear almost everyday to keep it looking good  and with a healthy shine. balm

The balm can healthfully weigh-down fly-aways between trims, soften the feel of your whiskers and even act as a styling pomade for your facial fuzz—all the while sealing in moisture and giving your beard a glossy clarity and noticeable sheen.

Loaded with moisture-enhancing oils and grounding herbs, this non-comedogenic formula not only improves the look and feel of the facial hair but also reintroduces moisture to those hair follicles that often suffer as a side-effect of daily face-washing. I did my research on the best beard oils reviewed available, this was my clear choice.***The added moisture can actually stimulate beard growth.***

balm 2

voila! I’m ready! How do I look?DSCN0146

Follow Brooklyn Grooming on Instagram here and shop all the products I used for this post here!


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