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The Black Crown | Dolce&Gabbana

DSCN0036 DSCN0039 DSCN0051 DSCN0070

T-shirt from the new Dolce&Gabbana’s Crowns and Bees collection, Dark Denim Jeans by Dolce&Gabbana, Iphone Case Dolce&Gabbana new capsule collection inspired in Aruba, Sunglasses by Dolce&Gabbana and  Marlin espadrilles by Bachelor Shoes.


How could I not be a little over obsessed with the new Fall/Winter Collection from Dolce&Gabbana? There are Crowns everywhere! But this time I choose this beautiful dark blue t-shirt with a black velvety pattern where you can see the Crown. I was obsessed the minute I saw it. I always like those pieces that make you take a second look, you know? Interesting pieces. I paired the T with darn denim Jeans and to give it some color I added my new red Espadrilles, the marlin adds it a little nautical theme that fits summer and Aruba on point. The sunglasases… are you really surprised I picked tortoise? No, you are not haha.

The case I blogged about a few days ago is finally in my hands, it is colorful and it;’s about Aruba, what’s not to like? the flamingos from the Renaissance Island are there, the lazy hammock… it’s just too cute. All this items are available at the Renaissance Mall in Aruba, except the shoes… those I got online.


By the way, while at Blue Bar yesterday I ran into a lot of people but one in special: Fellow, I got invited to Datapanik’s new album release party and the new Fellow’s EP. It will take place at Villa Royale next saturday and it’s sponsored by Moët Chandon. I got my ticket and you should do the same. it’s gonna be an awesome pool party with good music and we all know we need new music.

Click here to learn more about this party!

An here’s a little something from Fellow!


  1. Barbarossa says

    Excuse me where can I get the Aruba Iphone Case from Dolce&Gabbana ?

    • caribbeanking says

      It’s only available here in Dolce&Gabbana Aruba. You wanna come visit and get one?

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