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Hightide linen knit Polo by Island Company, Camel linen shorts by Island Company, Yacht Master Soft Espadrilles by Bachelor Shoes , Clasico Eyelet Crown Panama hat by Artesano, No Smirking sunglasses by Le Specs, Watermelon Iphone Case by Lecimes


Enjoying a day being lazy by the beach is amazing but ending a day at the beach, waiting for that sunset, could be even better. Every sunset is beautiful but sometimes they’re just breathtaking like the one i had the pleasure to witness yesterday… I knew it was gonna be a good one, I’ve been taking pictures for so long and I kinda have the eye for it so I decided to wait and see… but I had no idea I was going to have one of the most amazing experiences in my life. The colors were just amazing, they were shifting every minute until the sun went completely down. It was magic.

The linen short and shorts by Island company were perfect for this occasion, I was there with friends witnessing this beauty an d then after that we went to have dinner. It was perfect for the beach because it was a confortable, lightweight and stylish and transitioned easily for a night out in the Caribbean. For this tropical weather linen is the answer.

I paired this with my new Bachelor shoes espadrilles to give it a more nautical theme, they’re part if their new collection. They’re soft, stylish and have that island life ease. My Artesano hat, as you all know is my loyal companion and tortoise sunglasses by Le Specs.

If you like any of the items you can click on the links i added under the pictures.

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