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Swimshorts by Chan Chan, Claico Vent in Navy Panama Hat by Artesano, watch by Jolli, sunglasses by Alfred Kerbs, lokai bracelet.


I think I have a thing for ropes… anyways, a new day a new swim-short, this pair is a color blocking model by Chanchan which is a funny name, it means buttocks in Papiamento… But in a cute way. These shorts are very comfortable, bro like… affordable. This indigo Panama hat by Artesano jumped at me when I was pairing this outfit and I think it looks so good. I like the gray, magenta and Indigo…. The watch also pops, this is a very colorful outfit yet is not a crazy one. I think this is one of my favorite outfits this summer… and it happened in a rush, I wasn’t planning to do it.

The background is the beautiful Renaissance Island, yes… that’s the island with the flamingos, you have to stay at The Renaissance Aruba Hotel and Casino in order to access to the island.

Let me know if you like this outfit. I personally like it a lot. Leave a comment, I love comments… That’s how you get noticed and that’s how some get follow backs 🙂 comments!

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