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Grooming, perfumes and stuff…

I like to use beauty, grooming and styling products… you need to look good if you wanna play this game and you always can use some help, not all of us are like you, my beloved reader, naturally beautiful…. some of us need some extra help :p


For my beard here’s the Brooklyn Grooming’s balm. You know those fly-aways hairs after you trim? This balm helps to put them in place, also makes your beard softer, for me that I am constantly sunbathing at the beach this is a great product. Also you can style and shape your beard with it and it looks glossy and shinny, is not that strong but it helps a lot and is good for your skin.I use it probably 3 or 4 times a week.


The beard oil from The Groomed Man Co. … They smell SO GOOD, specially the mint one, i don’t know if it is because I love mojitos, but that mint one is really something, the one featured here is the Morning Wood, i know… what a name! But yes, it smells amazing also. This oil is really good, I use it when my beard is really long and needs some extra love, it keeps it healthy and also my skin. I use it sometimes in my hair, when I don’t feel like using hair products and I want to keep my hair decent looking I put some and it weights it down.  This oil is a mix of high quality pure to botanical oils such as organic Argan and Jojoba with rich wooden scents, featuring Australian sandalwood, this masculine beard oil scent is hard to resist.


Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 9.52.25 AMYou all kids know that I go to the beach at least 9 days a week…. yes, you all worry about me, I do wear sunblock and sometimes even tanning lotion, I know well how to take care of my skin, at the moment this is the moisturizer cream I’m using, it is Baxter Of California, it’s been great, the smell is not overpowering. I always use it after I shower, my skin feels refreshed and smooth. You should definitely try it, i Got also their body wash and the smell is AMAZING.

prada-infusion-d-homme-fragrance-eau-de-toilette-3-4-oz_972321 Have you ever wondered what perfume I use? Well, this is one of the many but I have to say that this has been the longest relationship ever… 7 years being my signature perfume, I always smell like this. I do have many others but this is the one I always have and use almost daily. Why> you have to smell it, it includes notes of neroli from Tunisia, iris palida, vetiver, cedar, incense and benzoin.

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 10.04.05 AMThis perfume I first felt it on a birthday card and it was love at first smell, it is sweeter than what I use to wear but once it mixes with your own smell and sweat and pheromones… the combination is a killer. I first got it as a gift and since then I treasure it for special occasions. It is an incredibly luxurious scent with sultry woods and rich fruit accords that help bringing out the skin’s natural perfume.


  1. I will try the BLACK ORCHID, I don’t usually wear sweet perfumes but I’m going to take a chance on it, to smell it when the sent is mixed with my own smell.

    • caribbeanking says

      It is a strong perfume, it is on the sweet side… i usually dont go for sweet but this one trapped me and people love it on me…so.

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