Year: 2014

The Yellow Floral Surf Trunk by Bather

Bather is a brand I discovered while browsing on Instagram, you all know how I love to do that. The shorts are made in Canada and that’s one of the things I like the most about them, it is the first thing I tell people when they ask where they are from. It’s an unexpected answer!    Like any great pair of trunks the drying process after a good swim is really quick, the fabric is 100% nylon and it has a shine to it and sort of a plastic feel in a good way. It is soft yet it keeps its shape at all times. No pockets on the sides, just one in the back… this is great and I will tell you why: I won’t drown my iPhone, like it has happened in the past.   This particular pair, the yellow floral, is bright and colorful, if you ask me it has a retro feel, like from the 70s yet it feels current. The price is quite reasonable and the quality of the product is top of the …


Another wonderful piece by Onia, the Black Frequency. It is available now online. Since my first pair of Onia I’ve always been a fan of the Calder shorts. Check this beautiful new piece named Black Frequency. Why the Calder? Exemplifying a commitment to class, style and quality from the smallest detail upwards the Calder Trunk is their signature style. The fit is inspired by the classic chino cut and their construction—sewn with a clean finish along the inner and outer seams—takes a cue from high-end dress pants. • 7.5″ inch inseam • 17.5″ inch outseam • superfine mesh lining • custom antique nickel hardware • internal quick drying nylon adjustable drawstring • two deep, reinforced, double-lined side pockets • rear pocket with hidden snap • rear locker loop • zip front fly and snap closure at waistband Make sure you follow Onia on instagram and twitter or like their facebook page.  

If you Like Piña Coladas…

I think is pretty clear that the Pineapple is the king of Summer 2014, they’re everywhere. Pineapples are an icon of summer cocktails, healthy life and they have a crown, and as the Caribbean King… I feel we are family. Here I present some options by Franks, Lovebrand and Oiler&Boiler… which one is your favorite? Send me a tweet 🙂

Haze Collection

Haze Collection with their colorful glasses are definitely a statement piece that you should wear this summer, specially the EDGE model in Crystal Fire that I’m sporting in the picture below. Their design has a beautiful architectural nature, each pair is made of acetates imported from Italy, carefully hand-crafted . They’re the perfect companion for the beach.They look great, they are comfortable, a conversation starter and, since the brand is new and they’re clearly a quality product, you can’t help but feel a hint of exclusivity wearing them first.     You can check their website and follow them on twitter, instagram, facebook and tumblr.

Ugly Duckling by Gal Angel

So.. My dear friend Keren Naftaly from Israel decided to visit Aruba for the first time, she said she fell in love with the island because of my instagram. She brought me these beautiful, colorful and fun pair of Ugly Duckling swimwear for men. It was love at first sight; it is short, vibrant, very graphic and the fabric is so soft and shiny. Ugly Duckling is popular with women’s swimwear but now they’re offering pieces for men. They’re made out of polyester so they dry quickly and they have a full elastic waistband. Now, they do not have pockets, which is to me a great thing seeing that I have drowned so many cellphones and wallets. Thus not having pockets is actually convenient for a person like me. I like the placement and finish of the logo in gold, I think stands out nicely, the print can be overpowering but the gold detail grabs your eye right away, the cord on the waist which is purely decorative and I found odd but it does look good. They are comfy, easy, silky… I love them. In the …

The Lady Bugs

  So… The Lady Bugs trunks are certainly a very colorful and a playful piece of clothing… They jumped out at me the very first time I saw them online on the Love Brand Club instagram which needless to say it was love at first sight, I felt I needed a piece that was fun, easy and of course a conversation piece. So far the reactions have been positive, many from my instagram and as expected also at the beach, yes, people stop and stare at the trunks and smile. That’s one of the things I look for when I get a pair of trunks: that X factor, that special something to help you stand out and these have them in a fun, friendly, approachable and child like way if I do say so myself. The fabric is 100% synthetic which is great because they dry so fast and that’s always a great quality in swimwear. It also feels so soft and it has a shine when wet that adds something to it which I appreciate. …

The BurkmanBros

So.. I have these new pair of swim-trunks by the talented BurkmanBros, I was very curious because these are my first pair so I didn’t know what to expect but I have to say I am very pleased with them, not only the use of their exclusive fabric but also they are as bright and bold in color as you see online but it has an extra something, you can feel right away is a quality product. The fabric’s composition is 80% cotton and 20 % polyester.. Yes it takes a bit more to dry but the shorts keeps its shape all the time and that’s something I like a lot. Furthermore they always look good no matter how wet they are. You don’t have to worry much in regards to how the shorts looks after you get out of the water because they look perfect, so say goodbye to awkwardly pulliing and adusting it in public. They have 3 convenient pockets, a zip fly and to help them stay snug and fitted around the waiste they have a drawcord closure, which is very convenient since shorts can get a bit …

The Black Wave is Here!

Finally the Black Wave by Onia is here… How can I describe these shorts? I could talk about the high quality of the fabric and the unique details that these swim-trunks have but that’s not what I like the most about the shorts, what I love about them is the feeling you get when you wear a statement piece, a show-stopper. You feel great in them, you look great in them, you stand apart from the crowed in them. They’re so visually attractive and interesting that you can’t take your eyes off them… and they photograph so well, they’re simply an amazing piece of swimwear. I highly recommend you get these swim trunks … They’re my favorite this season. The best one yet by Onia without a doubt. Make sure you check them out here!

Love Brand

Love Brand & Co. is a luxury British beachwear and swimwear label that comes to the aid of elephant conservation… It just so happens that I was browsing my instagram for new trunks and these elephant lovers appear and also a ladybug model that i’m currently obsessing with… the print is fun, cute, perfect for a beach day with friends and family… I honestly think that these trunks are conversation starters. Love Brand & Co. have different prints and colors, the little detail at the end of the cords is just so fitting, they’re little elephant tusks, so nice… Another pair of shorts added to my wish list. Surprisingly the price range is very affordable and the silver lining is that they are promoting a good cause. As soon as i get my hands on the trunks I willl review them, I just want to give them a shout out. They deserve it. Check their website here!

I won!

Haha, I won the Vilebrequin Valentine’s Contest! Check out the winning answer and tell me what do you think. I’m very happy… i would be more happy if those two bears came with a pair of swim trunks and that chair and those sunglasses… but yeah, I can buy those, the polar bears are collectibles. Im very happy and I hope they take the idea and make something with it.

Frescobol Carioca

I am obsessing over this newly discovered brand. I was just browsing on instagram… soemtimes I like to do a hashtag search to discover treasures and… there it was: Frescobol Carioca. They’re form the UK, launched in 2009. I love their shorts, specially their tailored ones, the prints are minimalist but they pop and the colors are great, the buttons detail on top is really a nice touch. Can’t wait to get my hands on a pair soon, or should i say legs? Their beach bats look fun, high quality and i love they’re handmade. They also have towels, boards… I think is a very complete beach brand… I am really interested on getting a few of their products. Hopefully soon.