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Nikben’s Jiro

So… Nikben is a young swedish brand making a statement with their designs, we did a collab this christmas and it turned out beautifully. I’m sporting the Jiro shorts, they’re like a sushi party and they not only are colorful but also have that cute factor that people like, they will stop you and compliment you about how original the print is, you know? and I love attention so… these shorts were made for me!


Getting a little technical, they have an elastic waistband, plus a cord to adjust, so you know they will stay nicely in place the whole time, they have 3 pockets, the one in the back has a velcro closure system, so you keep an eye on the stuff you put in there. The mesh lining is comfortable, technically the short is great, the cut is classic but they’re shorter than most of the others out there, that makes them look more modern, they do have a flattering line, they don’t look puffy at all and that’s one of my main worries, specially around the derriere area 😉


Get them, they’re really good, the price is right…. and CHECK THIS OUT! they come nicely packaged in a box that is a backgammon set on the inside! how cool is that? HOW COOL IS THAT?


You can buy the shorts here, follow them on instagram here and make a comment below if you have any questions or nice things to say.

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