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Monza by Oxford Vaughan

“Luxury sunglasses designed for the man who wants to tell his own story, in his own way…”

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Sunglasses are not just an accessory, a complement they’re a necessity when you live in a sunny place. After years of having gone through different brands and models, trends and styles I have found in Oxford Vaughan the perfect companion for my days in the Caribbean.

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The Monza, the current model I’m sporting these days, is a beautiful example of what I like in sunglasses, it has a retro futuristic design inspired by F1. When I wear them I dare to dream of that era in the 60s where everything was more glamorous. They bring back those days of luxury.

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“The Monza are hand-built using aircraft grade titanium frames, plated with 18K yellow gold, tortoiseshell zylonite and polarised, world-renowned ZEISS lens technology, for visual impact in every sense…”

That’s how their website describes them, which is pretty accurate and technical, but let me speak from the heart and tell you what it’s to wear them. First off, they’re incredibly light, almost weightless and that’s a quality that, to me, is as important as the design itself. They’re so comfortable that you barely notice that you have them on… However the lenses have this amazing golden coat that when you see through them it will be the only reminder that you really have them on. The colors and hues through these sunglasses makes the turquoise water in the caribbean shine brighter, more inviting, more enchanting, the sunsets have this golden glow that make them even more breathtaking while driving by the coast, it’s really amazing how a pair of sunnies can enhance everything you see and make it more beautiful, that’s what a great pair of sunglasses should do, not only make you look good but also let you see things better, more attractive and pleasant.

Screen shot 2014-08-05 at 11.39.41 AM

You can read more about Oxford Vaughan here and also follow them on instagram, twitter and like their facebook page.


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