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Why CabanaBro?


Why Cabana Bro? Not only because they’re 100% Hasselhoff approved or because of their retro, colorful design… I am going to tell you why these shorts are a must have in your wardrobe.

Everybody owns a T-Shirt that you only wear at home or those sweat pants that are so comfortable that you feel good in them on a lazy sunday. You know the ones that give you a “life is good and relax” feeling that you wear because you feel at ease, free and comfy… Well, that’s the feeling I get when I wear Cabana Bro to the beach. They’re effortlessly cool, they’re colorful without being over the top, they are short but keeping it masculine, a very “Bro cut” we will label it and we all know that a “Bro” is HOT, Bro! That’s what these shorts are, cool shorts for cool dudes.


Made of quick-drying polyester they’re perfect for a beach or pool day or gym or even jogging, you can wear them anywhere and because they have a tailored fit to them they look good with a tank top or a polo shirt. You can go have coffee with friends, or a quick bite anywhere… the versatility of these shorts is great. As any good pair of shorts they have a comfortable mesh interior lining with elastic waistband with a drawstring closure to ensure it stays on the right place at all times. It has side pockets and one velcro back pocket that is convenient when you are using them in non wet environments. The price is sweet and fair for a great quality short. All in all it’s the way to go, Bro!


Make sure you visit their website here and follow them on twitter and instagram. You can also like their facebook page.

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