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So… I first was introduced to this brand while browsing online for new trunks last year, it was Xarifa’s first collection. This brand is based on Milan and advertised as a product 100% made in Italy so naturally I had really big expectations… and they were all met and surpassed. 

The moment I received my first pair of Xarifa trunks, the Squame Sulphur Sky, I was pleasantly surprised by its packaging, it is the most exquisite packaging for a swim-short I have ever seen. It came in a white branded box big enough to fit the short, inside there was a bag made out of the same fabric and print as the shorts. The presentation is superb and that to me speaks highly of such a young brand.


Once you take the shorts out of the bag you notice the classic cut, but once you put them on they look really fitted, I believe the key in the design is the cut around the leg area which is a lot more narrow than some other brands and that helps shape the swimwear to your body without looking bulky or puffy.

Now lets move on to my favorite thing about these shorts: the fabric. It is polyester, but created in heaven. The softness, a demure satin like shine, the beautiful detailed print of fish scales, the color combination. I can’t stop bragging about them when I have a chance to talk about this pair of shorts, you feel like a Merman.


The finishing from the inside out is impeccable, I am a virgo, so you can imagine how much I detail things. The cotton cord has a rope like feel and look, very nautical and strong looking but it is soft to the touch. Furthermore, it has pockets on the side and one on the back. Drying takes less than 30 minutes while sunbathing on a sunny day. 

It is always exciting to discover and wear young brands that are developing, especially when they have top quality and interesting designs, you can’t help but feel special wearing them. This, without a doubt, is the most elegant piece of swimwear I have ever worn.


You can check more about Xarifa here, follow them on tumblr, twitter and instagram and also like their facebook page


Thank you Tomaso for your all the attentions.

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  1. Juan Ramón Villanueva says

    Maravilloso. El blog, el contenido, los bañadores y tú… ¡ Y una foto única!

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