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This summer BLUEMINT and the Caribbean King are working on a fun collaboration by showcasing colorful swimwear, taking these vibrant colored shorts and placing them in the idilic setting like Aruba seemed like a natural progression. The colors compliment the beautiful beaches and vice versa. Let’s start off with the dandelion trunk…
The color yellow of this trunk is as bright as the Caribbean sun which exudes a joyful way of life and stands out at the beach or pool. The pair that are featured today has been dubbed Dandelion by BLUEMINT. With such a fun name I figured that these need to be taken out for a wild escapade around the island. Jumping from piers, into rough waters and then for a much needed nap after “test driving” these trunks around Aruba.
The Dandelion is well constructed inside out! This I could tell the minute I unpacked them from the box in which they cam in. Once I started detailing it you can see the finish is beautifully and impeccably done. It is with no doubt that this is a quality product the minute you hold it in your hands. The fabric reminds me of these old school well crafted nylon shorts from the 80s when quality reigned supreme. One distinct area where I noticed that it was a well crafted piece of clothing was in the waist logo engraved cord ends which sometimes are underestimated but in my opinion are the most important part of the shorts. To me this is an indication that I know I’m  buying a short that will last years if not decades. Furthermore it has convenient pockets on the sides and one in the back, always a plus when transitioning from a wet environment to some shopping or eating nearby while on your vacation spot.
I have said it many times before but a fast drying process is an essential must for any pair of trunks and these are no exception. Seeing that fabric is a favorable one here in Aruba the Dandelion dries in less than 30 minutes while sunbathing in them.
BLUEMINT is a brand that has this classic cut with an edge based on their prints and colors. I will definitely recommend you get a pair if you are looking for shorts this summer or for your end of the year getaway to the caribbean. Remember… it’s always summer in the caribbean.
You can get this pair by clicking HERE. Also you can follow the brand on instagram, twitter and also like their facebook page.

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