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The Yellow Floral Surf Trunk by Bather

Bather is a brand I discovered while browsing on Instagram, you all know how I love to do that. The shorts are made in Canada and that’s one of the things I like the most about them, it is the first thing I tell people when they ask where they are from. It’s an unexpected answer! 
Like any great pair of trunks the drying process after a good swim is really quick, the fabric is 100% nylon and it has a shine to it and sort of a plastic feel in a good way. It is soft yet it keeps its shape at all times. No pockets on the sides, just one in the back… this is great and I will tell you why: I won’t drown my iPhone, like it has happened in the past.
This particular pair, the yellow floral, is bright and colorful, if you ask me it has a retro feel, like from the 70s yet it feels current. The price is quite reasonable and the quality of the product is top of the line; the finishing inside and on the outside is spotless. I received many comments when i posted a few pictures on my instagram while showcasing them. 
Another interesting print that they have is a tiger print that I like. If you want to know more about Bather you should check out their website. Image


You can follow them on instagram and twitter or like their facebook page!

Remember to follow me on instagram and leave comments on the pictures, that’s what I like the most. 

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