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Ugly Duckling by Gal Angel

So.. My dear friend Keren Naftaly from Israel decided to visit Aruba for the first time, she said she fell in love with the island because of my instagram. She brought me these beautiful, colorful and fun pair of Ugly Duckling swimwear for men. It was love at first sight; it is short, vibrant, very graphic and the fabric is so soft and shiny.


Ugly Duckling is popular with women’s swimwear but now they’re offering pieces for men. They’re made out of polyester so they dry quickly and they have a full elastic waistband. Now, they do not have pockets, which is to me a great thing seeing that I have drowned so many cellphones and wallets. Thus not having pockets is actually convenient for a person like me. I like the placement and finish of the logo in gold, I think stands out nicely, the print can be overpowering but the gold detail grabs your eye right away, the cord on the waist which is purely decorative and I found odd but it does look good. They are comfy, easy, silky… I love them. In the end they’re such an statement piece and the story behind them is also an interesting one to tell.


The price for this piece is US $115 and if you ask me it’s worth it. They’re a quality product, exclusive on this side of the world, it’s an unknown brand on the caribbean and that makes it more interesting, fashionable and stylish to have.

They come with this cute little plastic bag that you can take to the beach filled with essentials such as skin care products, bottle of water and your smart-phone.

There’s nothing Ugly about Ugly Duckling, au contraire, they’re beautiful swimwear that will make your beach day or pool day much more fun.


That’s my firend Keren and I, both wearing Ugly Duckling.

If you like the brand make sure you check their website, they have free shipping worldwide.


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