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Mr. Swim and the Smashed Flower


Mr. Swim is a new brand founded in 2011 by Ralph Dweck, their slogan “A Company For The Man” describes perfectly the intentions behind his designs: swimsuits designed by men for men, keeping in mind a retro inspired classic fit with a modern twist by embracing lively colors and bold patterns to make these trunks modern and current.

So… Let me start off by saying what a joy it is to review such fun shorts; the color, the fabric and the cut! These shorts are a great addition to my swimwear collection.

Having just released their Spring Summer 2014 collection I was browsing the catalogue and I fell in love with a pair of trunks, the contrast between the pink and turquoise green is definately an eye catcher, they pop from every angle. I can honestly say with confidence that what you see is what you get, the shorts look as great in person as they do in photos. The bold print is called “Smashed flowers” and I think this is brilliant and funny, especially seeing all the overkill with floral prints on the market now, these pair have this amazing illustration, that is not quite floral… or is it now? They make you stop and think for a minute as you detail the pattern trying to figure out what it is that they have. That’s what makes them such an interesting piece of swimwear to begin with.


The fabric has a silk like shine that I really like, making them as soft as they look. Made of polyester, they dry off in no time and that is a quality you all know by now that I appreciate a lot. They have 4 pockets, two side slits and two velcro on the back, which is a plus while you’re on a holiday in the Caribbean. They transition perfectly from the beach to a city environment, you can wear them to go grab a bite close to the hotel or do some shopping in town and you are always ready to jump into the pool or hit the beach any time after that, just remember to empty out those pockets (I’m warning you because of experience).


The biggest surprise with these shorts was the fit, they look and feel taylor-made, easy yet structured and conformable. When you buy online you run the risk when it comes to sizes and fitting, I am a 32 and got a 32 pair that fit perfectly which made me so happy. The length is just ideal; they’re not too long nor too short which is great for me seeing that I like my trunks to be shorter than above the knee. They look great from the back which is always a big concern, because some shorts look puffy and unflattering or some look flat which is even worse. They have a flat front waistband with a tie cord while these are finished with engraved metal ends which is always a nice detail.


With Mr. Swim you are getting a quality product with a beautiful design that stands out and has a reasonable price which is always a good thing. 

Make sure to pick up a pair available in Saks and Bloomingdales. You can also get a pair online, they’re website is under construction but they are currently taking orders thru the contact area.

You can follow them on instagram or like the facebook page

Big thank you to Ralph Dweck for all his attentions.

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