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The Lady Bugs



So… The Lady Bugs trunks are certainly a very colorful and a playful piece of clothing… They jumped out at me the very first time I saw them online on the Love Brand Club instagram which needless to say it was love at first sight, I felt I needed a piece that was fun, easy and of course a conversation piece. So far the reactions have been positive, many from my instagram and as expected also at the beach, yes, people stop and stare at the trunks and smile. That’s one of the things I look for when I get a pair of trunks: that X factor, that special something to help you stand out and these have them in a fun, friendly, approachable and child like way if I do say so myself.

The fabric is 100% synthetic which is great because they dry so fast and that’s always a great quality in swimwear. It also feels so soft and it has a shine when wet that adds something to it which I appreciate. The fitting is pretty much standard, like a good old pair of classic swim trunks. They come with a branded bag where you can keep them or use it to put beach essentials however it is not waterproof so be careful. Now, my favorite part: They have a special detail, the drawstring waistband comes with tusk shaped alloy ends, which are a reminder of the core values of the company and slogan “Fashion for the love of elephants”. This company donates 5% of its sale to an elephant conservation, so not only are you getting great quality swimwear but also you are contributing to a good cause. All brands should be like this if you ask me.

If you want to get your hands on a pair check their website here. You can follow them on instagram and twitter and also like their facebook page.

I want to thank Jose Berrocoso for his attentions and Love Brand Club for making this review so easy and enjoyable.




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