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The BurkmanBros


So.. I have these new pair of swim-trunks by the talented BurkmanBros, I was very curious because these are my first pair so I didn’t know what to expect but I have to say I am very pleased with them, not only the use of their exclusive fabric but also they are as bright and bold in color as you see online but it has an extra something, you can feel right away is a quality product. The fabric’s composition is 80% cotton and 20 % polyester.. Yes it takes a bit more to dry but the shorts keeps its shape all the time and that’s something I like a lot. Furthermore they always look good no matter how wet they are. You don’t have to worry much in regards to how the shorts looks after you get out of the water because they look perfect, so say goodbye to awkwardly pulliing and adusting it in public. They have 3 convenient pockets, a zip fly and to help them stay snug and fitted around the waiste they have a drawcord closure, which is very convenient since shorts can get a bit heavy while wet. They also have this really cute detail, a blue decorative stitching on the side that which I love. These shorts are a must have, they come in different prints and you can pair them with the bracelets in order to get that perfect beach look this summer.

Thank you to Doug Burkman for the shorts.


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